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: this is the healthcare center here in oakland. of the 9 women in the limo 8 were current or former nurses at this facility. four of the survivors and four of the dead. one of the survivors returned home last night to her apartment across the street. >> reporter: throughout the day people came by with flowers. the management said their focus is on the staff. cowboyers have been prout -- counselors have been brought in. she was released from the hospital last night. also taken to the hospital was a 42-year-old. the other two survivors of the limo fire were taken to san jose. today she was upgraded to serious condition. she remains in critical condition. the limo was on its way to a bachelorette party. today we learned she was one of the victims kill in the fire. she was also a nurse at a hospital where the bride-to-be neriza fojas also worked as a nurse. she also perished in the fire. three of the victims haven't been yet identified. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> cities and medical marijuana dispensaries are planning their next move after a ruling today said they can ban medical m
for san francisco is $4.4 million unfunded healthcare costs for the employees of san francisco and we have to make those right so that they don't come back and hurt us and so these kind of fiscal things it's not because we are lucky i think it's because we have made smart division and is we have to continue that process of making smart decisions and we have to continue creating public/private partnerships and not run the government the way we used to run it and try to have good government cover and everything that is why it's important to have the business community get us good jobs and invest in education all of these things are going to help us be more successful and so focus more on that and try to keep my colleagues on the board of supervisors saying this is the smartest thing do and if we have money let's make a good investment of it. >> okay let's talk a bit about economic develop as it has been frontally mentioned here today we have the -- pleasure of hosting government rick perry recently for i think -- public blissity stunt but on a more serious level there has been a definite i
, quality of healthcare since the beginning. the foundation's sole mission is to improve the care and comfort of patients at the general. that mission continues today. and as we expand into the recognition of world renown research and training excellence, that takes place in the hospital's campus each day, the hospital is the hub of cutting edge medical research and is the training, real of meeting for tomorrow's healthcare providers the union bank support of the foundation we are working to secure the future of healthcare in our communities. i'm proud to introduce the final award des who are prime examples of quality, excellence and leadership, and we see in the hospital each and everyday. with 22 years of combined experience at the general, oncology resource workers carolyn land and rashel oakland help canner patient and their families cope with this debill at a timing distance with grace and compassion. years of navigating the patient population of the complex system of coverage and healthcare these women work to meet each individual's needs and carol helped one young famil
company speaks out on how corporate p.r. is killing healthcare and deceiving americans. what a pleasure to have you on "viewpoint" this evening. >> thank you. >> john: how have hospitals kept these incredible cost discrepancies secret from us all these years? >> healthcare providers and insurers have really spent a lot of time to make sure that their costs are kept secret. they call it proprietary information. and they've been able to get away with this for all of these years. just now the government through the centers for medicaid and medicare services has released what is really important information that we should have had all along. >> john: indeed. what role, sir does the private insurance play in driving up the insurance costs and how does that contribute to differences in price. $100,000 or $7,000 for identical treatments. >> what this shows is a complete failure of the unregulated healthcare marketplace both healthcare providers and both healthcare insurers, this is unknown in other parts of the world. in other developed countries. if you think these numbers are bad, just look
manager for casier permanent continenta and this is the quality healthcare in the nation for being the best place to work and receive healthcare and certainly a leader in technology and healthcare as well and case veer certainly helps our entire community thrive and then one s f which, is out of the organizing committee and one s f and i hope you take time to get very familiar with what this organization is doing for san francisco and how you can utilize this organization to become a part of the american's cup experience. one s f is mobilizing san francisco's corporation and is citizens behind the many many community and legacy benefits of the america's cup and there are many. cruise ship terminal infrastructure projects and so when you become a one s f partner you will drive that local effort and help provide the funding support and there are so many exciting ways you can become aligned with the cup this exciting year and so one s f of the america's cup organizing committee and really the mayor will say more about that and robert half international i have to thank them for hel
. the company says healthcare reform is costing it money for research and development. under obamacare, siemens and every other manufacturer of medical equipment such as mri machines has had to pay a 2.3% excise tax on each one sold. collectively, it's totaled more than $450 million since january first - money, the companies say, that cuts into their budgets for research and development. "we see this as a challenge to our business, impacting our ability to invest in r&d dollars." the medical technology industry says it's also a jobs issue - nearly two million people work in the medical technology industry. although most analysts say it's more about how much of what's made goes to the portfolios of siemens shareholders and how much is reinvested in r&d? "they're trying to return the maximum profit to their shareholders. that's what their job is, right?" in 2011, siemens healthcare reported overall revenue of $16.3 billion. it spend $1.56 billion in r&d. "over the last year, these companies have gained 20% in stock price. the market has determined that this tax won't affect them much, and that's
to bring his healthcare law back to life asking several members of his administration including health and human secretary kathleen sebelius for help. >> gregg: we are tracking several new developments in the boston marathon investigation. what key piece of intel russia withheld from the united states and boston police say the tsarnaev brothers may have killed before. >> heather: and britain's prince harry taking america by storm. we've got the latest on the young visit with wounded service members in colorado next. >> i'm in afghanistan. i would like to wish my mother a very helps a mother's day. i miss you and love you and see you soon. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a l
% of the budget. 38% were from defense, 4% from the healthcare and other entitlement programs, and it basically, within the budget of the faa, we are making it possible for all of us to fly with fewer delays and not invest in improving infrastructure of regional airports. that is basically the constant choice we keep making if we just ick the can down the road. we're choosing the present over the future. that is what i think. so i agree. i think if we could get this agreement made it would lift a huge burden and would increase confidence. and they could actually go out and debate something that is worth debating. but if you try to do, which i support, tax reform and the whole thing, and have to relitigate the whole debate about whether there will be any more revenues, i do not see how you will ever get an agreement and we will just keep spinning our wheels. >> if we continue to spin the wheels we remain stifled. that brings us to innovation. mr. gates, when you see what is happening, you are not in the dc sausage making business but are certainly in technology. when it boils down to what we can
was released last night from critical condition. >> throughout the day people stopped by the healthcare center to give their condolences. 8 of the women were current or former nurses there. managers say counselors were brought in to help the staff deal with the tragedy. our coverage continues on you can watch the chp update on the investigation just look for the video link on the home page. >>> a mobile home fire killed two adult said and one child. it broke -- adults and one child. it broke out at 1:45 a.m. this morning. this afternoon they identified the two adult said killed. both are 33 years old. the child hasn't been identified yet but neighbors say they lived there with their son. >>> investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire in a parking garage at an apartment complex. fire crews arrived at 4:00 a.m. this morning. two cars burned ask several were -- and several were damaged from heat from the flames. >> we get cars that catch on fire after they sit for a while. there are lot of things that can start fires. >> residents went into the garage before firefighte
the president's affordable healthcare act. it comes at a time when the nation is experiencing a physician shortage. >> two more deep breaths. >> reporter: nurse practitioners at walgreens can diagnose more than coughs and cold. they can now treat chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma and diabetes. but the american academy of family physicians worries that patients won't receive complete care if they rely on in-store clinics. >> if someone gets a piece of their healthcare here, their diabetes, a piece with high blood pressure someplace else, we miss a chance to treat the whole person. >> reporter: walgreens says these clinics fill a need. >> we believe that every patient should have a primary care physician. the reality is that today not everybody does. >> reporter: and that's another reason why the industry expects the number of retail clinics to double over the next three years. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> nurse practitioners will refer patients to a doctor or hospital if they come in with a condition they are not equipped to handle. >>> all right. let's get
support, that talk with the patients and their families and make sure that the continuity of healthcare extends from the doctors all the way to the families and those have carol lamb and rachel or kin and thank you very much for our your heroism today. >> (applause) . >> not only do we have a world-class trauma center we will continue having that, we have got a new hospital on the way. the biggest general obligation bond we have ever had but i am so proud of it and we will all be so proud of this wonderful hospital and the fact that it continues to be linked to the fantastic research doctors and medical staff of uc s f, that is a great combination that very few cities have across this country. this hospital, creates 3,000 jobs in it's rebuild. thirty% are san francisco residents that is 500 san francisco residents working with their hands to build the brand new hospital for our future generations. they have done it right. it's on time, $63 million to local businesses as a result of the construction of this hospital. so i'm looking forward in 2015 to join all of you in opening
as a trivial offense. >> the head of poland's medical association blames the situation on failed health-care policies. he says they remind him of the communist era. >> poland has changed in the past 20 years -- for the good, of course. no one denies that, but the health care system is getting worse and worse. it is the last enclave of the socialist system. it cannot go on like this. >> the situation was highlighted in march when help came two -- to late for two-year-old dominican. ambulances decided it was not necessary to send and ambulance to her parents call, and she died of a viral infection. there's a shortage of doctors throughout the country such as here in this children's hospital. the chief anesthesiologists is 70 years old, and she considers it normal to still be working full time. she claims she has to because she does not want to end up living in poverty. >> my husband is dead, and i'm on my own. my pension is not enough for me to pay the rent and live a normal life. it is far too small. >> the doctor has been wking for 40 years. she says her work keeps her young, but when we ask
are the opportunities. well we have already had a shout out about healthcare and we have got i know highland hospitals here and kaiser is here is children's hospital is about to with uc s f and that is an important trend because as we grow as a region if we no longer -- although we will have to debate about certain teams it's something that is not necessarily drab for oakland and oakland is not something that should necessarily be bad for san francisco because in the rest of the world they call us the golden triangle and san francisco is a financial strength with oakland at the -- which, is they see us as a region and they come to look at investing in our area, they pretty much make a round and they don't just go to oakland they look at us and see us as a region. so healthcare, main strength of the kaiser is [inaudible/incomprehensible] to be an ensator in healthcare and that is one of the characteristic traits in oakland and we have had this year, after a decade, finally you launched the oakland -- in the worth of oakland by a point over there and our interim director debra allen is here all right -
francisco and their welfare, have made him an excellent advocate for healthcare access through such programs as healthy san francisco. so please join me in welcome can mayor edwin, lee. . >> thank you crystal and may i give you your value tine. >>> thank you. >> mayor khan, made in san francisco ... all right, good morning everyone. okay. i'll try not to isn't that correcty. and i isn't that correct isn't that correct key. and [spelling?] and so i want to thank all of you for being in san francisco and webcore and others who have been such a great part of the success in this city and i want to thank my great friend mayor khan for coming over here and later on, later this year we are going to be traveling over the new span of the bay bridge and joining each other with governor brown as we celebrate in september with largest construction project in the history of the bay area and we talked about it last year when we were thinking about how to celebrate this bridge crossing and we made some cultural connections. and something about our ancestors helping to build the railroads he
to voice their choice. president obama is firing up his camp. on friday, the president accused healthcare opponents of telling tall tales about the law. and, although he admits there will be mistakes and hiccups, the president says he stands 100% committed to getting the new health law right. the irs is saying sorry for targeting conservative political groups, and senator mitch mconnell wants an investigation. an irs official says organizations using words including "tea party" or "patriot" in their applications to gain tax-exempt status were singled out. in some cases, the groups were asked to show their list of donors, which violates irs rules. the white house says the action was inapproriate. in our cover story, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the u.s. central bank is on the lookout for signs of excessive risk-taking - in short, reducing the chances of a too-big-to-fail bailout anytime soon. "it's very clear that for our financial stability we eliminate 'too-big-to-fail.' i believe that entirely." one way to do that, ben bernanke told a chicago banking conference, is to watc
, we had 18% growth, jim. we were so excited about that, in our largest business, consumer healthcare, we had 20% growth. we are doing well with that. importantly, it's giving us a launching pad like pet care. >> let's talk about pet care. you are making some moves. this is not the same old perrigo. it's regarded not as proprietary in that you are buying labels that i didn't think were perrigo's. you're making more money. >> that's correct. we got into pet care. i think everybody knows how much you care about your dog and cat. if i ask my wife, me versus my dog, i'm not sure how that would work out. nonetheless, we felt that if we can get into pet care, we can bring out a quality product, make it more affordable, make it a win for the consumer and retailer will get better margins, obviously, indeed, it's a triple play. >> we're hitting into triple plays. let's drill down on something. we have been saying the economy is coming back, but the consumer is not -- this one permanently scarred the consumer. they discovered that these are the same. isn't that what really happened >> that's ex
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, but wages are going down. it's an economic issue. there is a real squeeze. health-care costs up, wages down. people who are serious legislators on both sides of the aisle recognize this is a point we have to attack.-- act. if you think about it, in the past, dealing with issues like tax reform or entitlements, 1983 and 1986, it tends to come with a divided government. george bush tried this with social security and he did not get very far. in part because of the top politics, no question about it. the third rail of the new york subway system, you grab it and if youe electrocuted. grab it together, you spread the shock. that is the opportunity that i see really in the next several months. we have to take advantage of it. >> i have had some senate democrats, not the senate democrat up here, but those who will be unnamed, it did not realize they would never have an easier negotiating partner on the other side of the -- vanand president obama? president obama? some of that is out of fear. they think president obama will howmore of a compromiser. many republicans sort of believe that is true? >>
the brakes on a key healthcare advisory board. so what is behind what looks like a republican show of strength? chief political correspondent carl cameron live in washington with that. so, is the g.o.p. picking more fights here, carl? >> reporter: in short, yeah. it's been six months that they've been studying what went wrong in the last election. it's now sick months until the next election and republicans are quietly stepping up their offense fighting back. that means more second term bloops for president obama on capitol hill. minority republicans in the senate boycotted a committee vote. it was on jena mccarthy. earlier this week they delayed a vote on the labor secretary's nomination. that is the second time they slow walked him. house speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell yesterday up end the ante even further with a letter to the president refusing to appoint anyone to the obama care's independent payment advisory board. critics have been calling that the death penalty for quite some time. here is what the letter said, quote because the law will give ipads15 elected unacc
are expected to consider legislation calling for the full repeal a 2010 health-care law. there is the new cost-benefit analysis. the senate bills and at 2:00 p.m. eastern for morning business. no roll-call votes expected. there will authorize dozens of waterway projects around the country. later, a vote on president obama's pick to and medicaid services. you can see live coverage at 2:00 p.m. eastern. , and president obama's choice for deputy director testifies at his club information hearing before the senate, in unity. pm.e coverage begins at 3:00 i max baucus has directed to the news that the irs has been targeting conservative political groups. he says these are an outrageous abuse of power. it does not only inappropriate but also intolerable. he says i want to review the report offers but the irs should be prepared for it will investigation by the senate finance committee. president obama called reports that the irs targeted groups. he said anyone responsible should be held responsible. this came at a news conference this morning. is the first first lady to become -- to earn a college deg
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5's ann notarangelo explains healthcare companies sponsor nurses to help with their staffing needs. ann. >> reporter: that's right. eight of the nurses involved in the incident came to the u.s. to work at their fruitvale healthcare center as part of the foreign nurses program. and they are part of a long history of filipino nurses working in the state. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> just go to any hospital, and you know, the chances are that the nurse taking care of you will be a filipino nurse. >> reporter: he is legal counsel for the philippine nurses association northern california. a ucsf study reports one-fifth of the registered nurses in this state are filipino. and he says we shouldn't be surprised. >> the philippines was a colony of the u.s. the educational system in the philippines was based on the u.s. system. >> reporter: by 1940, the u.s. government had set up 17 nursing schools in that country, mostly to serve the filipino population. but many nurses decided to leave. >> they were trained with american nursing standards and nursing practices and nursing books from the u.s.
is the importance of having healthcare and health insurance and the importance -- it is all the more reason why we need obamacare plus more than obamacare. because people who don't have any health insurance are screwed, right? they may just not have the option. at all. at least, you know, if you're in an area where you have little choice of hospitals but you've got health insurance maybe you can afford to pay that difference between what medicare would pay and what the hospital would pay. you don't have any health insurance, you know what? this is what happens. people will just not have the operations or procedures. they won't have the kind of -- take care of themselves. get the kind of healthcare that they need. they'll end up getting worse. >> it's sick. that's how big of a difference it is. they're just trying to take advantage of your awful situation. >> bill: why do they charge so much? because some people will pay it. $5300, right and $253,000. wow! unbelievable. when we come back, reid wilson from the "national journal" hot line joins us for a little roundup of the politics of the day. >> a
as the warmer weather goes into the weekend. >>> the new report that puts healthcare facilities under the microscope. >>> also reports of a man and woman going overboard, what those rescue crews are doing right now to try to find them. ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪ . >>> police say surveillance video shows a man and woman going overboard last night. the crew realized they were missing after the ship docked in sidney at the end of a 10 day trip. >>> back home in nevada they are dumping some in other states, they have some new problems this morning. >> it is the hospital for the mentally ill and they claim the hospital bussed out 50 patients making the other states spend money taking care of those patients but if the hospital does not fix that problem they may loose some very important federal funding. >>> and a non-profit healthcare organization released a report card and 26 bay area hospitals received a grade of a. >>> later today, the pitcher jeremy takes on a new role, a
of healthcare reform. "about 20-30 million people will gain healthcare access in the next two to three years. that is a massive amount about to hit the market." damien conover at morningstar predicts as a group, pharmaceuticals may grow as much as 5% annually, with dividend yields of close to 4%. the financial crisis did more than damage portfolios. a new study shows a whopping 93% of financial advisors experienced post-tramatic stress disorder following the economic fallout in 2008. symptoms include sleepless nights and intense feelings of anxiety or fear. as the market swings to new highs, the study says many advisors are changing investment strategies in order to avoid getting caught in a downward spiral. the report did not menton the health conditions of their cleints. quintiles is joining the team of strong ipos this quarter. stock in the drug-testing firm opened at $40, shot up 11% mid- day, and closed around $42. quintiles leads a line of companies going public this week in a surging stock market. other offerings that priced include residential mortgage company pennymac, financial ser
jesus and michelle knight. >>> the nation's capital is gearing up for another battle over healthcare reform. president obama set to address the topic in a speech at the white house later today. he plans to emphasize how the law will help families. but house republicans plan another vote next week to repeal the healthcare law. >>> wall street opens the morning session off its high of the week. the dow closed down yesterday despite good numbers on jobless rate. down 22. the nasdaq fell 4. >>> as college students prepare for graduation day this month, many are leaving school with a lot more than just that diploma. a new survey found 60% regret borrowing so much money to finance their education. currently one in five households are carrying student loan debt. >> some high-tech thieves are behind bars this morning after stealing more than $45 million in a highly coordinated attack on banks around the world. 8 men in new york used reprogrammed prepaid debit cards to clean out accounts. 7 of those men have been arrested. the new york team of hackers netted $2 million. but the cyber crime included
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to their children. there was already determined to be a risk to healthcare workers, albeit an infrequent one. and transmission through casual contact was ruled out as being a major threat. at the beginning of the epidemic, fear was the bottom line, particularly among health-care providers. and the doctors were, in fact, in a difficult position. on the one hand, we know this is our job. throughout the whole history of medicine, if there was plague, doctors were going to get plague. in the era of antibiotics, we forgot that. early on in the aids epidemic, there were staff, and unfortunately some doctors, too, at that time, who wouldn't even enter the room of a patient with aids. i remember seeing people where they were putting the tray at the side of the bed, at the side of the door. "uh, your food is here." well, the person was too sick to get the food. i mean, it was all-- it was ridiculous. steve pieters: here they were telling me that i had the worst possible disease, horribly stigmatized. people were terrified of being around a person with aids back then, and i was left alone a lot. and i
guys. >>> the nation's capital is gearing up for another battle over healthcare reform. president obama is set to address the topic in a speech at the white house later today. he plans to emphasize how the law will help families. but house republicans plan another vote next week to repeal the healthcare reform law. >>> doctors, nurses and retail workers are protesting at a west sacramento walmart store this morning. they are angry over what's called the walmart loophole in healthcare. they say big companies cut employee hours to avoid paying for health insurance. a bill being considered in the state assembly would extend health insurance to virtually everyone on payrolls of larger employers. >>> a rally planned in san francisco this afternoon is aimed at getting the boy scouts to allow gay scouts and gay scout leaders. the father of an east bay scout who was denied his eagle award because he is gay will lead the rally at city hall. later this month scouting officials are set to considerate issue. >>> it is 5:50 now. the list is out for the year's most popular baby names. the unusual pic
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. >> we have learned that 31-year-old used to work here at the fruit vail healthcare center. one of the ones that was killed last night. she had been married here in the u.s. already and was soon to go to the philippines. she and eight friends were supposed to be going out last night partying. instead now five families are in mourning. five women died in this car fire captured on a cell phone camera on the san mateo bridge. it happened at 10:00 p.m. the car was traveling westbound and nearing foster city when the rear portion of the stretch limousine started smoking and shortly burst into flames. the driver pulled over and got out of the car, as did four of the nine women inside. five died, unable to get out past the flames, according to the chp. one of the victims was the bride. a friend of 43-year-old mary guardiano. guardiano managed to escaped. her mother confirmed the bride died in the car. >> to a bridal shower. of a friend. get married on june. >> she told us the group was on their way to the crown plaza hotel for the shower party. the coroner's office has not confirmed th
as a nurse in fresno but was once a nurse at fruitvale healthcare center. this is the photo from the facebook profile. >> reporter: nine women were in the burning limousine last night. this photo shows the car in flames. the driver noticed smoke coming out of the car's rear. he pulled over and got out. the car caught fire. four escaped and five others and one about to celebrate a bright on al shower died at the scene. >> the friends were headed here to the crown plaza hotel for the shower according to the mother. mary was one of the women who managed to get out of cart. >> to a bridal shower. to be in june. >> a neighbor told us off camera at one point all the women worked as nurses at the fruitvale health center in oakland. the car fire jammed the westbound lanes of the san mateo bridge. chp closed the westbound approach for 40 minutes in order to deal with the accident site. chp is investigating the cause of last night's car fire. >> ama: the names of the four women that survived. mary grace, nella and amalia loyola of san leandro. >> the limousine company owner made a statement. we will do
a positive backdrop. i think still weighing on jobs though it is the federal government and the health-care plan that is yet to be implemented. i have heard plenty of anecdotal evidence of people holding off hiring until they know what that is, and then i think the federal reserve is actually creating, by trying to create certainty now, they are actually creating uncertainty in the future. - thank you for your thoughts today, brent. we'll see you next month. - thank you. still ahead, signals that twitter is inching closer to going public. plus what google's search feature knows about the market that you don't. that's coming up rumours continue to spread about twitter going public. the social network has hired morgan stanley's managing director cynthia gaylor to run corporate development. analysts say gaylor's experience at the firm includes providing insights into initial public offerings. twitter did not make gaylor available for comment. trends emerging on google could be moving the dow. suzy moat joins us today from the warwick business school in the uk - cheers to you. when did this
not only who we are, but who we can be. whether it be our tech start ups our healthcare researchers and manufacturers, a artists or poets or pioneers we are innovating when it comes to arts and science and today we honor the exporatorium who represents and only an san francisco institution that is continuing these tradition and so i am honored to add the fifth ring that will rule them all. that represents the makers and inventers that provide the exhibits, the programs and the experiences not just for this museum but really represents the very, very best of who we are as a city in our 21st century, thank you so much. >> you don't think that david is proud of his third district, do you? >> mr. mayor, don't take any grief about that mustache it is your signature, it would take me as long to grow one as it took to grew this exporatorium. a few interesting facts of the port of san francisco, it is 7 and a half miles long, home to fishing fleet, cruise ships and the san francisco giant's ballpark, pier 39, america's cup, a new cruise terminal that david just mentioned and many entreprene
the affordable care act, all states will be required to sell healthcare through exchnages so americans have competitive choices. cigna's ceo tells reuters setting up the exchanges won't likely be a top- or bottom-line driver. meals on wheels is facing a crisis. the government-funded program, which sends meals and company to about 25 million americans, will encounter a budget drop. sequester cuts have reduced meals' budget by about $38 million. the white house estimates 4 million fewer meals will be delivered. the organization itself estimates about 19 million will be affected. it's not just college tuition that is going up. financial aid is at record levels as well. the average amount of financial aid offered by private colleges hit a record high of 45% last fall. additionally, 65% of schools increased discount rates. the wall street journal reports that after years of persistent tuition hikes, private colleges fear pricing out of the market. it was only a matter of time - the cyber-currency known as the bitcoin now has federal regulators mulling over whether it should be regulated in some
, work and healthcare services as well. we know there's a lot of charge challenges we know there's a lot of traffic signals and a maintenance challenge for fund ing we know that's all true we want to see this problem addressed it's very urge nt. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon mr. kopel. >> good afternoon 3 items to call to your attention i understand that with a proposed june sign up there's some discussion on a fall back on m u.n. i metro. this was tried 30 years ago and did not work involves an un bound operator getting off at embarcadero waiting for the next out bound train on that same line. for a system that fills all of its daily runs with operators and equipment this this can be made to work in a system like m u.n. i this doesn't work and it has dramatic implications for passengers and as i said this was tried 30 years ago and did not work i'm happy to discuss this further if anyone is interested. the director's report did not refer to the public employee relations board decision last week which i noted in the paper and i'm somewhat interested
and healthcare facility and it remains to be seen what will be s choices and the housing types there is an expansion of the care facilities for the senior population. we think that with this framework, we are creating or providing a framework for aaccommodating that will accommodate that growing population. >> i am anticipating that as a baby boomer that will be here as soon and i don't know if avalos is on that cusp but there are two of us on this eleven member board, but thank you. >> i have always wanted to be a baby boomer. >> okay. colleagues any other comments or questions? >> we would like to thank you for your presentation, and thank you for being here, and thank you for your great work on this. this has been, abag for a couple of years and a lot of work and a lot of effort involved both of the agencies bringing this together and still a ways to go but thank you for all of your efforts. >> okay. >> this is an information item. colleagues, so we can go on to our next item. >> public comment? >> public comment on this item. very sorry. >> any member of the public that wou
talk about potential cuts to the article access program. we are excited about healthcare reform. we are in the middle of transforming our medical clinic into a top-of-the-line services. however, we know that not everyone will be illegible for medi-cal. 75% of the adult population would not qualify because many of them are undocumented. this would mean 770 article visits would be cut, 261 adult patients with not have access to care. maximina wants to say one thing. >> (spanish) how are you today? apl (applause)>> moderator: maximina is 75 years old and comes to the clinic to get medical care because she has no access otherwise that is where she gets her medicine. that is worshiper dissipates in different activities occluding having literacy in native spanish language and also english literacy as you can see. she does arts and crafts and things that keep her healthy. please support her program. apl (applause)>> moderator: now we will go through -- perdon. the youth are here. there is a large group, will ask you to keep it short and i will tap your shoulder to let you know your
more information as we as a city take a look at how the affordable care act and the healthcare agency ordinance is going to enter face with each other. and what changes we may need to make >> and then lastly, not quite lastly. we did i am very proud of our office for being very responsive, there was a bill at the state and regarding, regarding solidifying the small business development centers as an economic development entity so that we hopefully in the future will start allocating some start funds to do economic development. right now, there are no state funds being allocated towards economic development. and so, this is the first step to say, there will be an entity, that will be established that is required to do reporting back on those dollars spent. but the key thing about this is that, the sbdc to receive some funding at the federal level, they are required to have matching funding at the state level and so they are having to turn away that funding, they are having to turn away particular funding that requires the matching funding because the state is not giving any. and so, we
or former employees of the healthcare center. that center announced the creation of the angel's fund account to support the survivors. for more information log on to and click on hot topics. >>> new information about a identity theft ring that was broken up in the south bay. they may have prayed on the dead. ktvu's robert handa reported on this yesterday and live in san jose with the follow up and word of another arrest in the case. robert? >> reporter: the scope of the investigation keeps getting wider with more suspects and victims. we were here as police arrested another suspect on a long list of charges. >> reporter: today police arrested another member of an identity theft ring. police consider one of the biggest ever in san jose. he was interviewed before being taken to jail, booked on 45 felony cowpats. >> grant theft -- felony counts. grand theft, possession of equipment to make frogulent i.d. cards. -- fraudulent i.d. cards. >> reporter: they appeared in court today and were given a date of june 5 for allegations including identity theft and counterfeit fitting. police
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